"Sheep to Sweater" - Hand Crafted on Salt Spring Island

We came up with the idea of producing hand crafted sweaters direct from our farm.  We had our two daughter-in-laws Katie and Celine independently pick out a pattern that they would like.  The only stipulation was the patterns contain the natural colours of our sheep.

A few years back, Marnie and I celebrated our 50th anniversary by having our friend Monika knit us sweaters from yarn that had been sent to the mill on the Saanich Peninsula. The mill unfortunately has now closed down.

50 Years

For the new project we did not need the mill.  We skirted, washed and carded the wool right here on the farm.  We made a new Salt Spring friend, Kathy, with a passion for spinning and had Monika and Sweet Pea take charge of the knitting again.

At Christmas Katie and Celine received their North Beach "sheep to sweater" gifts just in time for the cold weather.