North Beach Berry News Update

The bees have completed their work

                       Fresh Blueberries are ripening

Our blueberry varieties include Duke, Bluecrop, Bergitta, Olympia, Darrow and Toro.  These berries ripen at various points of the season and are mixed into our 5-pound boxes in a delicious blend.

While not certified organic, North Beach Farm is dedicated to naturally grown produce using only organic fertilizers and weeding and mulching by hand.  Our pollinators are native to the surroundings, most commonly the bumble bee and berry bees and the occasional visiting honey bee from neighboring hives.  

If you purchased last year, you will be on our mailing list and we will contact you in late July before the harvest. If you would like to order now, fill out our order form and we will contact you well in advance of your order being picked.  Orders will be filled as possible in the order they are received up until the end of harvest in early September.  Kristen Vincent is our new sales manager and can be reached at  Pick ups will be at the farm as usual.

              Fresh  Raspberries?

After 7 years, Marnie and I  turned one row of domestic Raspberries into seven.  If you like Raspberries, you will love these.

Happy Customer 

We have contacted customers from last year as our harvest has just started.  Raspberries are $8/pint.  Our yields are lower than last year so we may not be able to fill all order.  If you want to be added to our list for raspberries contact us at: and we will get back to you.  The order form is for blueberries only.