YARNS at North Beach Farm

YARNS at North Beach Farm

We still have some of our winter stock of yarns from our previous fall shearing.  We have taken some new directions in our specialty Gotland Yarns, with exotic silk, mohair and wool blends and new colours themes.  You are invited to make an appointment to view these Yarns, email us at David@Northbeachfarm.ca  

Have a look below at what's still available!

Exotic Silk with Trincomali Blue

Here we have taken the black Gotland/BFL wool from Diego and Dory and created a rich blend with blue silk highlights, complimented by a dyed wool blend from the white Gotland/BFL wool of Lola and Maeve in Trincomali Blue. We only have one skein remaining of the silk blend, 3 ply, fingering weight, 338 yards, 110 grams, priced at $32/skein.  We also only have one skein remaining of the wool blend, 3 ply, DK weight, 258 yards, 105 grams, priced at $25/skein.

Gotland/BFL Mohair Blends

Knitting Samples by Cicela Mansson

We asked Cicela Mansson who lives nearby to create some hand knit samples using our most recent North Beach Slate and Salt Spring Vintage yarns.  These quality pieces are available to view and touch and consider the possibilities for your own work.

North Beach Slate Yarn

We have taken the Gotland Grey from our ewe Luna and blended it with mohair and Romney wool to provide more definition to the yarn. We have named the blueish-grey colour after the slate that runs from our beach on the Trincomali Channel through to the southern ridge of our farm.

We have a good stock of these wool/mohair blended skeins, 3 ply, DK/worsted weight, 208 yards, 95 grams, priced at $28/skein.

Salt Spring Vintage Yarn

This yarn combines the natural Gotland grey from our ram, Berg, and our ewe, Crystal, with dyed mohair and Romney wool to create a pleasant vintage yarn with a pink tinge and excellent definition.  

Natural Charcoal Yarn

These wool/dyed mohair blended skeins are 3 ply, DK/worsted weight, 208 yards, 95 grams, priced at $28/skein. Natural Charcoal and White Gotland/BFL  Mohair Blends

We only have two skeins of charcoal in these natural wool/mohair blends left.  These skeins are 3 ply, DK weight, 208 yards, 100 grams, priced at $28/skein.

Spring Shearing

Our spring shearing is complete and fleeces are off to the mill.  The new yarns will be available for viewing in late August/early September.  

Come and visit us on the Farm!

Make and appointment by emailing at David@narthbeachfarm.ca